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Coperion’s compounding lines are writing their own success story.

150 implemented systems.

Coperion is a long-standing expert in the implementation of complete compounding systems all over the world. The 150th such system has been delivered and is now operational.

Coperion implemented each system in its entirety from a single source – from feeding raw materials, through conveying, feeding and compounding, to handling and filling the finished products. All the key components derive from Coperion’s own development and production and the various process steps are optimally coordinated.

The core element of each of these compounding lines is one of Coperion’s high-performance ZSK extruders, which is fed with raw materials by tried and tested feeders from Coperion K-Tron. Numerous pelletizing options are available, including automatic strand pelletizers made by Coperion Pelletizing Technology. Both raw materials and finished products are gently handled using Coperion’s well-known, high-quality bulk material components and well-proven product handling methods.

Coperion’s range of services often includes not only steel and concrete construction, but also generating and distributing auxiliary media and electrical energy. Projects also frequently incorporate mechanical and electrical installation, startup and on-site training of personnel. Local support for this is provided by Coperion’s 30 service centers around the world – one of which is usually located nearby.

All of Coperion’s compounding systems are equipped with state-of-the-art automation technology, which was recently expanded to include an Industrie 4.0 application, namely Coperion Production Control Center (CPCC). CPCC provides the essential functions of a Manufacturing Execution System (MES) and was specifically developed to fulfill the requirements of compounders.

Coperion’s total systems benefit from its experience of implementing over 14,000 compounding systems, building 20,000 feeding and weighing solutions and installing 10,000 bulk material handling systems. Along with this experience the company possesses comprehensive process engineering skills and a global engineering platform. Ten locations around the world offer extensive engineering capacity and project management expertise, which enable projects to be efficiently and flexibly geared to the location of the system and the customer’s project organization. This available capacity not only facilitates reliable and on-time completion of extremely large projects but also provides the necessary flexibility to efficiently implement smaller ones.


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