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New Food Extruder in Coperion's Food Test Lab

ZSK 43 Mv PLUS extruder in innovative hygienic design now available for tests in Stuttgart.

Coperion has expanded its Food Test Lab at the Stuttgart location by the addition of a ZSK Mv PLUS twin screw extruder. The new ZSK 43 Mv PLUS with a 43 mm screw diameter is available in Coperion‘s innovative hygienic design, adding very high set-up flexibility and making it the ideal extruder for a very broad range of customer focused tests, as well as for research and development projects with Coperion.

Thanks to its hygienic design, the ZSK Mv PLUS extruder fulfills the highest requirements in the food industry for hygiene and safety. The twin screw extruder’s open base frame is manufactured from stainless steel and has only smooth surfaces, providing very good accessibility which markedly reduces cleaning effort for the machine and thus increases product and production safety.

Coperion has equipped the ZSK 43 Mv PLUS with numerous features that ensure the highest possible flexibility for use in the Food Test Lab. The extruder’s process section can be assembled, depending upon the demands of the extrusion process in question, with different lengths and functions. It is possible to use anywhere from 3 to 22 barrels. The twin screws which co-rotate within the barrels, are likewise modularly constructed and individually configured by Coperion process engineers for each application. For precise ingredient feeding, a variety of Coperion K-Tron volumetric and gravimetric screw feeders, liquid feeders, and weigh belt feeders are available. Downstream, the ZSK extruder can be equipped with ZS-B side feeders as well as with ZS-EG side degassing units for safe devolatilization of low-viscous melts.

The product discharge most often takes place via a ZGF centric pelletizer that is likewise made of stainless steel. Thus, in comparison to conventional, air-cooled motors, cooling fans are omitted and cleaning expense is dramatically reduced. 

The new ZSK 43 Mv PLUS extruder in the Coperion Food Test Lab is well suited for tests in various application areas — from cooking extrusion (cereals, bread crumbs, snacks, pet foods, and aquatic feeds) to production of texturized protein (TVP) or meat analogues to encapsulation of flavors.


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