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Optimized ZV rotary valve housing now available in sizes 400 to 630

We have reworked the design of the well tried and tested ZV rotary valve component which is mainly used for pellets. This optimized version is now available in sizes 400 to 630.

In comparison to its predecessor models, it excels above all with a lower granulate destruction during operation. Coperion enlarged the inlet cross section with additional pellet deflecting profiles. In so doing, an increase in throughput performance of up to 20% results.

Even noise emissions from leakage gas expansion, which constitute the primary source of noise in high-pressure rotary valves (up to 3.5 bar differential pressure), have been markedly reduced with a new expansion opening design. Additionally, Coperion integrated the transition of the elongated opening to a pipe connection within the cast. Beyond reducing the noise emission, an adapter is likewise no longer required. Moreover, the ZV rotary valve now has a standard-compliant pipe connection.

The Finite Element Method (FEM) was used to calculate the cast housing, which optimized its rigidity while reducing the mass at the same time. This allows a narrow gap between the rotary valve and the housing, with the advantage of a low gas leakage rate when operating the new ZV pellet rotary valve.


  • Markus Locher

    Head of Sales Bulk Materials Components Plastics & Chemical Industry

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