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489 days of continuous operation

CSPC’s ZSK 320 extruder line is a success for the production of PP.

In 2004 Chinese plastics manufacturer CSPC purchased a ZSK 320 twin screw extruder from Coperion for the production of PP. It is part of CSPC’s Phase 1 project and has been in operation at their plant in Huizhou, China since then.

Until close of editing (April 10, 2019), the PP line has been in continuous operation for 489 days, while CSPC’s record so far has been continuously running for 448 days.

CSPC management is very satisfied with the extruder’s performance and stability. A CSPC management representative states: “Firstly, our philosophy is to manage the line in a reliable and scientific way. We have a strict procedure for replacement and modification. We cooperate with Coperion very closely, we trust and support each other. We keep close contact with Coperion including the daily operation and overhaul schedules. Therefore, we were able to optimize our machine sustainably and make sure the most advanced technology is implemented on our machine.

Secondly, we established an advanced and efficient management system, including CSPC’s own maintenance system with a focus on preventative maintenance and a troubleshooting system. Our cost evaluation and investment return ratio are combined with the safety and machine reliability. We never use degraded and unqualified parts. We only use OEM parts.”

Coperion is proud to have the chance to support the CSPC team as they continue their successful journey. Susie Gao, Coperion Service Director China, and her skilled experts have built a great relationship with their customers and support them in reaching new horizons when it comes to increasing the efficiency of running extrusion systems. “We at Coperion are proud to see CSPC’s committed team run the extruder without interruption for such a long time. It is also a testament to the high quality of the ZSK extruders and our skilled experts who help customers like CSPC to continuously reach out for higher goals. Congratulations to CSPC for this great achievement!”  


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