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High-Quality WYK-CIP Bulk Material Diverter Valve

The stainless steel WYK diverter valve for CIP applications is a perfect match for the highest hygiene and purity demands.

The WYK-CIP stainless steel diverter valve meets all required criteria, even in the food and dairy sectors. It is optimally suited for conveying powders with significant sanitary requirements such as powdered milk, lactose and infant foods. Best of all, it is CIP (Clean-In-Place) capable. With no additional disassembly or manual cleaning following wet cleaning, it is absolutely clean and free of impurities.

Demonstrated in our most recent video is the impressive and innovative functions of the WYK-CIP diverter valve that shows how the valve works within a pneumatic conveying system. Moreover, the animation illustrates the principle of reliable CIP cleaning without disassembling the valve’s components.

The WYK-CIP diverter valve is mostly used in pneumatic conveying systems for diverting bulk materials to various conveying lines or for return transport of fines in spray drying processes.

The valve can be wet cleaned in place in its installed position, thus fulfilling the typically high sanitary and purity requirements for food manufacturing. Following CIP cleaning, the diverter valve is absolutely clean and free of contamination — with no additional disassembly or manual cleaning — saving time, effort and costs. Subsequent cleaning is not required. Thus, the WYK-CIP diverter valve can easily be installed even at locations that are poorly accessible.

The WYK-CIP diverter valve is based upon an innovative principle of function: During bulk material conveying, the conical rotor, positioned in the conveying stream, seals the conveying lines off from each other. During CIP cleaning, the rotor is minimally pulled out of the housing and flushed by the cleaning fluid.

The WYK’s pipe sealing is designed such that it permits processing of even the finest powders. Further advantages include the valves compact design and its high polish surface quality. All materials in its construction fulfill EU1935/2004 food regulation and are FDA compliant.

The WYK-CIP diverter valve is available in sizes DN 65, 80, 100 and 125. A DN 150 size, as well as another version in standard stainless steel without the fully automatic CIP cleaning function, will be available soon.

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