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3rd Place for the ZSK Food Extruder in Hybrid Design in the Stuttgart Innovation Awards

Proud Result: Coperion won 3rd place among 137 applicants.

Coperion was nominated for the Stuttgart Innovation Award in recognition of the ZSK Food Extruder in hybrid design which was developed especially for the manufacturing of TVP and HMMA meat substitute products. The City of Stuttgart created this award to honor exemplary, innovative ideas that help to form the future.

The Innovation Award’s independent jury found that Coperion's ZSK Food Extruder in hybrid design precisely fulfills this aspiration. Indeed, Coperion did not climb the winner’s podium all the way to the top, but Coperion was chosen from among a total of 137 submissions and won 3rd place: Needless to say the entire organization is very proud of the result!

In the past, various production machinery was required for manufacturing TVP and HMMA meat substitutes — as were high investments. With the ZSK Food Extruder in hybrid design, both meat substitute products can be produced on one machine. With this machine, Coperion provides particularly smaller companies, research units, and startups with an ideal option for entering the high-growth market for plant-based products. At the same time, Coperion is supporting the food industry and consumers in switching to plant-based meat substitutes — for much greater sustainability, less environmental impact and, overall, promoting the health of our population.

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