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Overhaul of Extruder Gearboxes for Maximum System Availability

The distribution gearbox is a crucial component of the twin screw extruder drive train.

The proper operation of the gearbox is crucial for the reliability and availability of the entire compounding or extrusion line, and thus influences throughput, product quality and system efficiency.

The high, dynamic torque required by twin screw extruders as well as the narrow center distance of the two output shafts cause heavy stresses in the gearbox - on the shafts, gear meshing and rolling bearings. Component failure and the resulting damage would lead to high repair costs and long machine downtime. Therefore, regular maintenance, general overhaul and continuous modernization measures are essential to exploit the full potential of Coperion extruders.

That's why we make the overhaul of extruder gearboxes one of our top priorities! We know the application-specific loads and gearbox design details that are responsible for the well-known, all-round reliability of our twin-screw extruders. With gearbox maintenance and modernization, we ensure maximum availability and performance over the entire life cycle of a system.

We have well-equipped gearbox workshops at our Coperion sites in Stuttgart and in Wytheville. There, our experts carry out the disassembly and inspection of complete extruder gearboxes. Alternatively, our specialists can do this directly on your premises.

We clean the inner parts of the gearboxes, subject them to intensive quality checks and replace components if necessary.

This significantly increases the lifetime of your Coperion extruder. It will operate again with its proven high reliability and will be available to you as a highly efficient supplier of the highest product qualities.



Coperion gearbox service at a glance

Disassembly and inspection of complete gearbox in one of our Coperion gearbox overhaul workshops or on site
Cleaning of internals
Visual and magnetic particle test of all parts including quality inspection
Inspection and validation of shaft alignment and tolerances
Creation of a detailed inspection report with clear recommendations
Documentation and evaluation of possible defects in the housing, shafts or gears
Repair and exchange of individual wear and tear parts
Overhaul of bearing seating on housing and shafts, if necessary


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  • Stefan Lachenmayer

    Head of Service Sales, Global Service Compounding & Extrusion

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