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Coperion ZSK 27 Mv PLUS Food Extruder: Flexible and Versatile in Use

The Coperion food extruder offers users a variety of options that ensure flexible use and easy handling. Read more about the advantages and the fields of application for this food extruder.

The Coperion ZSK 27 Mv PLUS Food Extruder with a 27 mm screw diameter is suitable for use in various applications and boasts a compact size. It is ideal for research tasks and recipe development but can also be used for small batch production as well. With its 10.6 Nm /cm3 specific torque and maximum screw rotation speed of 1,800 min-1, the extruder achieves throughputs of 10 to 100 kg/h, depending upon the product.

The Coperion Food Extruder offers users a variety of options that ensure flexible use and easy handling. The twin screw extruder's stainless steel design fulfills the highest hygiene requirements and makes fast, efficient cleaning a reality; therefore, keeping downtimes to a minimum. For recipe changes, cleaning, or refitting with no major effort, Coperion constructs these extruders and the necessary additional components on rollers for mobility. In addition, the process section’s construction simplifies cleaning. The close intermeshing screws and extremely tight self-wiping profiles prevent stagnant zones from forming along the entire length of the process section, thus providing optimal self-cleaning.

New: Flexible die plate for numerous applications
To provide customers with the most flexible extruder use possible, Coperion delivers the ZSK food extruder with a flexible die plate. Such plates achieve various discharges, not through borings for each individual application, but rather by using different nozzle settings. Customers do not need to purchase and store separate die plates for each operation. Instead, users can drill the blind inserts as product requirements dictate, allowing them to react quickly and cost-effectively to new recipes. Particularly in the area of research and development, as well as for quick product changes, this solution makes using the ZSK food extruder especially appealing.

In addition, Coperion offers the option to stipulate interfaces for universal aggregates in the control unit. This allows them to connect further components later which could not be anticipated in the original phase.

As a food extruder in hybrid version, the same ZSK extruder can be used for manufacturing TVP and HMMA. The product’s final structure is created by using the ZGF centric food pelletizer for TVP or a cooling nozzle for HMMA. Using an adapter solution, the extruder’s discharge can be switched from the centric pelletizer to the cooling nozzle in no time at all.

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