Coperion at K 2022

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Expanded Remote Service and Clear Increase in Efficiency for Coperion Compounding Systems

New ServiceBox CSB 4.0 for Coperion Compounding Machines

At K 2022, Coperion will exhibit a new version of its ServiceBox. This Coperion ServiceBox CSB 4.0 greatly expands remote service support options for Coperion compounding systems. Using remote service, Coperion can now support both an extruder’s seamless operation as well as material conveying and the associated components as needed. The operator determines with pinpoint accuracy when Coperion should provide support for which machine and which unit. 

One further advantage the new ServiceBox CSB 4.0 provides: It opens the way to Coperion’s C-Beyond 4.0 platform including a smart OEE (Overall Equipment Effectiveness) cockpit.

Safety, Time Savings and Cost Savings in One Box

The Coperion ServiceBox CSB 4.0 is a system for online monitoring and malfunction detection in compounding system operation. This remote service ensures seamless compounding processes, maximum profitability, and stable, high product quality.

The new ServiceBox CSB 4.0 can monitor both the extruder as well as equipment for material conveying.

Coperion can actively support the system start-up process upon request using the ServiceBox CSB 4.0, generate rapid online remote diagnostics, and aid in increasing system efficiency with expert know-how. Error messages can automatically be forwarded to Coperion to ensure the fastest remote diagnostics possible. Software updates are easy to run. Significantly fewer laborious, cost-intensive onsite service calls are needed.

A new addition to the Coperion ServiceBox CSB 4.0 is the operator's ability to separately activate each Coperion system independently for remote service.

OEE Cockpit for Maximum Efficiency

With the new CSB 4.0, a Coperion system’s operator can not only capture and export relevant production data but can evaluate them in real time as well. For this purpose, a smart OEE cockpit is available upon request that identifies and clearly displays machine availability, capacity, and achieved product quality.

Production disruptions due to recipe changes or maintenance tasks, for example, are logged and can be evaluated in the OEE cockpit’s “Availability” area.  Using this data as a basis, potential for system availability increases can be explicitly determined and realized. 

Machine performance is handled similarly. Using the OEE cockpit’s “Performance” feature, the operator can see when a machine has fully exhausted its capacity and at what point more potential is available.

Using the cockpit’s “Quality” feature, collected data on the targeted product quality can be documented and evaluated.

For production managers, the OEE cockpit serves to monitor compounding systems and delivers an excellent overview of their overall efficiency.

Together with the C-Beyond 4.0 platform, the CSB 4.0 builds the foundation for implementing further smart tools from Coperion in the future, some of which target optimization of production processes or energy efficiency increases, for example.

The Coperion ServiceBox CSB 4.0 will replace the existing Coperion ServiceBox in the long term.

Coperion OEE Cockpit
The new ServiceBox CSB 4.0 has expanded remote support possibilities for Coperion compounding machines and creates access to a smart OEE (Overall Equipment Effectiveness) cockpit.

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