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In 2022, Coperion established its Food, Health & Nutrition Division. Within this new division, leading brands in the food, pharma and cosmetic industries have joined forces to combine their competences and better serve our customers in these markets. We asked Kevin Buchler, President of Food within the Food, Health & Nutrition Division, to tell us more about the aim, developments and offerings.

What has been Coperion’s motivation to form the Food, Health & Nutrition Division?

Kevin Buchler: Coperion is growing strategically, and we see an increasing demand in the food and pharma sector. We've been known in these markets for decades with a comprehensive portfolio, from ingredient handling to feeding and extrusion. In 2022, Hillenbrand, Inc. – Coperion’s parent company – acquired several renowned companies in the food and pharmaceutical sector: Linxis Group with its six well-known brands (Shick Esteve, VMI, Diosna, Shaffer, Unifiller and BAKON) as well as Peerless Food Equipment and Gabler Engineering. All these brands are experts in their niche; they optimally complement Coperion’s core competencies and contribute their know-how to the recently founded Food, Health & Nutrition division. Together, we are now able to offer comprehensive processing solutions for manufacturers in the food, pharmaceutical and cosmetic industries. Our customers do not only benefit from a broader product portfolio but also have access to a wide range of capabilities – a total package from a single source.

As of September 1, 2023, Schenck Process Food and Americas Performance Materials (FPM) belongs to the Coperion Food, Health & Nutrition Division. We are at the beginning of the integration and look forward to this exciting phase.

We are convinced that this step and the integration of FPM will expand our end market presence and enable us to offer our customers solutions in areas that we have not yet been able to serve completely.

What is the aim of the Coperion Food, Health & Nutrition Division?

We are driven by our purpose “Shape what matters for tomorrowTM” and make an effort to align our business activities with our values. Guided by this, Coperion has been developing innovative solutions for various challenges in the food, pharma as well as cosmetic industries. Our ambition has always been to design products that meet the highest possible quality and safety standards. Therefore, our objective is to make industrial equipment that delivers what's essential to sustain our tomorrow. In recent years consumer demand has drastically shifted and the food and pharmaceutical market is finding ways to cater to these changing needs. We are convinced that our joint know-how can help manufacturers adjust their processes to current and future requirements. To give an example, Coperion is developing systems and extrusion technology for the manufacturing of alternative meats. Plant-based products give consumers the option to reduce their meat intake for personal health reasons, animal welfare concerns, and the desire to limit climate change. For this reason, the demand for alternative proteins is expected to grow over the next years allowing food producers to expand into new markets.

All brands of the division are leading brands in specialized equipment solutions for the food, pet food, baking, pharmaceutical, and cosmetic industries and provide innovative and high-quality products and systems. The company’s brands — Bakon, Coperion, Coperion K-Tron, Diosna, Gabler, Peerless, Shaffer, Shick Esteve, Unifiller and VMI as well as the FPM brands, since September 1, — are global suppliers and experts in ingredient automation, sourdough and fermentation systems, mixing and dough processing, feeding, extrusion, portioning and depositing technologies.

What are the long-term benefits for Coperion’s existing and future customers?

Besides the fact that we deliver innovative and high-quality products and systems, we are now in the position to combine our competencies whenever it is needed. Our capabilities now range from single components and products to complete systems and plants where we combine products from different brands within our group. Our customers benefit from one single contact for the entire plant instead of handling many suppliers simultaneously.

We combine our experience and expertise to serve our customers and support them in achieving their individual goals in their processes. In addition, we build long-lasting relationship by supporting our customers through training, knowledge sharing, maintenance, and upgrade planning.

All equipment is designed and manufactured with long-term performance and sustainability in mind, and our turnkey installations are some of the most complex and advanced systems on the market. These comprehensive production-line solutions combined with a Group-wide emphasis on service, know-how, and long-term relationships with customers show that the Food, Health & Nutrition Division has the potential to continue growing, innovating, and shaping the world of processing.

Have a look at our brands of the Coperion Food, Health & Nutrition Division and their offerings


  • About the Food, Health & Nutrition Division

    Coperion is a global industry and technology leader in specialized equipment for the food and health industries. Coperion develops, produces, and services plants, machinery, and components for the food, pet food, baking, pharmaceutical, and cosmetics industries. Its brands – Bakon, Coperion K-Tron, Diosna, Gabler, Peerless, Shaffer, Shick Esteve, Unifiller, and VMI – are experts in ingredient automation, pre-dough systems, mixing, and depositing technologies. As of September 1, 2023, Schenck Process Food and Americas Performance Materials Business is part of the division.

  • Bakon

    Bakon is a Dutch global operating company, expert in stand-alone and in-line solutions for the pastry industry.


    Bakon designs and manufactures depositing, ultrasonic cutting and spraying solutions for the confectionery, retail, and traditional bakery industries.


    Find out more:

  • Coperion

    Coperion offers for the food industry extrusion technology as well as material handling components such as rotary valves and diverter valves. The ZSK twin screw food extruders can be used for various applications like plant-based meat substitutes, cereals and snacks.


    Learn more.

  • Coperion K-Tron

    Coperion K-Tron is a global leader in providing in sophisticated solutions for state-of-the-art process equipment. The innovative know-how comes to life in feeding and pneumatic conveying components as well as in complete material handling systems.


    Learn more.

  • Diosna

    Diosna is one of the world's leading manufacturers of the most modern pre-dough, dough and kneading systems for the production of baked goods as well as an expert in granulation and mixing technology.


    The company serves the bakery, food, pharmaceutical, cosmetic and fine chemicals industries.


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  • Gabler Engineering

    Gabler Engineering offers machines and systems for the development, construction and manufacture of complex, tailor-made processing systems for the confectionery, food and pharma industries.


    Gabler provides highly flexible machinery such as extruders, rolling and scoring lines, cut & wrap lines and coating machines.


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  • Peerless

    Peerless is an expert for dough & cream mixers, sandwiching equipment, creams & batters equipment and serves the bakery industry.


    Find out more:  

  • Schenck Process Food Business

    As of September 1, 2023, Schenck Process Food and Americas Performance Materials (FPM) is now part of Coperion.


    FPM specializes in the design, manufacturing, and service of, among other technologies, feeding, filtration, baking, depositing, milling, and material handling equipment, and systems for the food, plastics, chemicals, and construction material industries.

  • Shaffer

    Shaffer is a market leading manufacturer of industrial horizontal mixers and processing equipment for the baking industry.


    The company designs and manufactures industrial mixers engineered to be the most sanitary, durable and innovative horizontal mixers in the industry.


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  • Shick Esteve

    Shick Esteve is a global leader in ingredient automation solutions and process design for the food and pet food industry.


    The company designs and manufactures bulk, minor/micro, flour reclaim and liquid ingredient automation equipment and systems.


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  • Unifiller Systems

    Unifiller is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of innovative portioning equipment for the baking and food as well as the health industries.


    The company designs and manufactures piston depositors, transfer pumps, filling machines, cake decoration equipment, automated and semi-automated lines.


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  • VMI

    VMI is a leader in mixing and kneading solutions, covering all the process needs of the bakery, food, cosmetics, and pharmaceuticals industries.


    The company designs and manufactures premium modular laboratory facilities to pilot units to production platforms and automated systems.


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