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Customized equipment and systems for high end product quality.

For over 115 years, Gabler Engineering in Malsch, Germany has represented the perfect combination of experience and innovation, offering machines and systems for the development and manufacture of complex tailor-made processing systems for the confectionary, food and pharmaceutical industries. As of July 2022, these innovative machines are now part of the Coperion Food, Health & Nutrition Division. The equipment supplied for the pharmaceutical and consumer health sectors include unique extrusion equipment for wet and hot melt extrusion, as well as spheronizers and batch coaters.

Coupled with the material handling and high accuracy feeding systems of Coperion K-Tron, Gabler offers complete wet or hot melt extrusion lines for throughput ranges up to 1000 kg/h. Gabler’s unique clamshell extruder design offers additional versatility for quick cleaning and product changeover. In addition, Gabler offers pellet production lines up to 100 kg/h, spheronizers up to 100 kg/batch and coaters up to 1000 kg/batch.


  • Different extruder sizes for wet or hot melt extrusion, ranging from laboratory
    models to complete production machines
  • Throughputs up to 100 kg/h, depending on the extruder size and product
  • Development and design of every machine according to process and requirements
  • Machines can be integrated into a complete line or act as a stand-alone machine


  • Pellet production lines for pellet sizes between 0.4 to 3 mm
  • Designed for manual or automatic operation
  • The pellet production lines can be extended and adapted in numerous ways to automate and
    optimize the process
  • Throughput of manual pellet line: 5 to 80 kg/h
  • Throughput of automatic pellet line: 5 to 100 kg/h
  • ATEX versions available


  • Available from laboratory models to automatic production lines with up to 100 kg/batch.
  • Machine design GMP compliant
  • Various options, such as ATEX compliant machine design, offer the flexibility to master any pellet forming process
  • Pellet dimensions from 0.4 to 5 mm
  • Batch size from 0.15 to 6 kg
  • Rounding time from 1 to 5 minutes

For further information, please visit the Gabler website or have a look at our newest brochure, Gabler Pharmaceutical Solutions.

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  • Patrick Gabler

    Sales Director Gabler Engineering

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