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What Makes the ZSK Mc¹⁸ a High-Performance Extruder?

The ZSK Mc¹⁸ twin screw extruder is characterized by numerous features that significantly simplify extrusion, compounding and recycling processes.

The ZSK Mc18 achieves first-class product qualities and significantly increases throughput rates. How does it do it? We describe some of the reasons and possible configurations in the following article and provide exciting insights behind the facade of the extruder in this video.

ZSK Mc¹⁸ Extruder Highlights

Its specific torque of 18 Nm/cm³ is the cornerstone for the success of the ZSK Mc18 twin screw extruder. It reliably operates with high efficiency, makes sparing use of valuable resources and achieves very high product quality.

The gearbox of the ZSK twin screw extruder can now be equipped with a condition monitoring system, available for extruder sizes ZSK 43 to ZSK 133. Condition monitoring significantly improves the ability to plan maintenance work. Irregularities in the operation of the extruder gearbox are detected at an early stage and potential damage can be avoided. Necessary service calls can be scheduled in advance so that they have the least possible impact on the high productivity of the ZSK extruder.

The Coperion ServiceBox CSB 4.0 offers expanded support options for remote servicing of our systems. With ServiceBox CSB 4.0, we can provide remote maintenance support as needed for the smooth operation of both the extruder and the material handling system with associated components. The plant operator determines precisely when we should provide support for which unit. If desired, Coperion can actively support the start-up process of a plant with the help of ServiceBox CSB 4.0, create fast online remote diagnoses and help increase the efficiency of the plant with expert know-how.

The Coperion ServiceBox CSB 4.0 provides access to the C-Beyond platform, where we bundle all digital products and service applications from Coperion. C-Beyond accesses data from extruders, compounding machines as well as complete plants and other systems from Coperion and digitally displays the processes currently in operation. C-Beyond products allow you to track all performance parameters for your entire extrusion or compounding line and perform detailed evaluations of overall equipment effectiveness (OEE).

To further increase the efficiency of our ZSK Mc18 twin screw extruders in daily operation, the gearbox lantern can be equipped with an electronically secured maintenance door. As soon as the extruder's screw shafts stop, service personnel can open the door on the gearbox lantern without tools. The screw shaft coupling is safely and quickly accessible. In case of screw changes or maintenance this leads to a significant reduction in downtime and the efficiency of the ZSK extruder increases once again.

If the feeding zone of the process section or the ZS-B side feeder is equipped with Feed Enhancement Technology FET, vacuum is applied from outside via a porous, gas-permeable wall. The resulting gas extraction increases the material intake capacity by up to three times, especially when processing feed-limited products. The result is a significant increase in throughput and increased efficiency of the ZSK Mc18 extruder.

These and many other features improve the daily operation of the ZSK Mc18 twin screw extruder to ensure maximum performance, making the ZSK Mc18 the heart of our complete lines for the extrusion, compounding and recycling of plastics.

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