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Reliable Unit for Buffering Recyclate: ARW Discharge Agitator and SWB Smart Weigh Belt Feeder

Tailored to recycling of high-volume, poorly flowing plastic recyclates, Coperion offers an innovative buffer hopper solution using the ARW discharge agitator that, together with the Smart Weigh Belt feeder (SWB), reliably ensures consistent material feeding into the continuous-operation ZSK recycling extruder.

The ARW discharge agitator is combined with a conical silo that is wider at the base. In the plastics recycling process, it is positioned after the shredder and washer; the recyclate is buffered within and then evenly and securely discharged via a discharge screw for continuous processing.

Especially when processing very low bulk density and high-volume materials, such as flakes from multilayer films or fibers, the ARW excels thanks to numerous advantages. It reliably ensures even product flow, investment costs are low compared to conventional buffering solutions, and maintenance costs are minimal. Moreover, the ARW discharge agitator stands out with its very low vertical clearance, reducing overall steel structure costs for a plastics recycling plant.

Within the recycling process, the ARW discharge agitator and the SWB feeder form an optimally attuned single unit. From the ARW, recyclate is transferred directly to the belt of the SWB. This compactly constructed gravimetric feeder can weigh large volumes of bulk materials, even with variable flow properties, and reliably feed them into the ZSK recycling extruder.

The SWB’s short conveyor belt is equipped with a weighing function for this purpose. Using the weight data, the discharge screw’s speed is continuously regulated, ensuring that the SWB maintains the desired feed rate.

The interplay between the ARW discharge agitator and the SWB Smart Weigh Belt feeder reliably ensures continuous loading of the ZSK recycling extruder. The unit is used in both mechanical as well as chemical recycling.

The Coperion Recycling Innovation Center, just opened at Coperion’s Niederbiegen/Weingarten location in Germany, is equipped with this innovative buffering solution, where customers can test the ARW-SWB buffer unit's reliability with any number of recyclates.

Coperion Video: ARW Discharge Agitator and Smart Weigh Belt (SWB) Feeder

Coperion ARW Austragsrührwerk Play video
Learn more about the working principle of Coperion's ARW Discharge Agitator and the Smart Weigh Belt (SWB) Feeder in this video.

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