• Plastics Recycling: An End to Unpleasant Odors

    Recycled plastics often carry unpleasant odors caused by surface contaminants, solvent residue, additives and/or foreign materials. Disruptive smells may also stem from packaging that has absorbed the odor of its original contents. Such transferred odorants are particularly hard to remove.

  • STS 75 Mc PLUS: Higher Throughput with Improved Compound Quality

    For the STS 75, Coperion has raised the specific torque of the STS twin screw extruder from 11.3 Nm/cm³ to 13.6 Nm/cm³.

  • ZAQ Rotary Valves: New Size for Even Higher Throughputs

    We have added a new size to the ZAQ series of high-pressure discharge rotary valves: the new ZAQ 700 is designed for particularly high throughputs of up to 150 t/h and is suitable for feeding powder into pneumatic conveying systems of up to 3.5 bar.

  • ProRate PLUS. Surprisingly Powerful.

    In the continuous production of plastic products, equipment for the controlled feeding of bulk materials into extruders and/or mixers is essential. In most cases loss-in-weight screw feeders are used to feed the bulk materials. The flawless operation of loss-in-weight feeders is the key to successful production. But what are the most common challenges when operating screw feeders and how does the ProRate PLUS line meet the requirements of the plastics processing industry?

  • Filtration Compounder ZSK FilCo Awarded

    Once again KUNSTSTOFF MAGAZIN, a leading German publication for the plastics industry, recognized innovations as part of their “Product of the Year” competition.

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