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Coperion and Coperion K-Tron at Interphex

Salina, KS, USA (May 2022) – Interphex is scheduled for May 24-26, 2022, in New York City, NY, Jacob Javits Center. To meet the growing demands of continuous processing in pharmaceutical and nutraceutical industries, Coperion and Coperion K-Tron, Booth #2258, will focus on continuous processes and their newest innovative solutions for optimal feeding and refill accuracy, while demonstrating how they provide single source solutions for extrusion, feeding and conveying applications.  Applications for automated batch dispensing will also be presented.  Exhibits on display in the booth will include a MT16 16mm twin screw tablet press feeder, K3 pharma loss-in-weight feeder (PH-QT35) and a P30 vacuum sequencing sanitary powder receiver.

Coperion K-Tron K-SFS Tablet Press
Coperion K-Tron’s Tablet Press Lubricant Feeder offers an consistent, continuous feed rate.

Tablet Press Lubricant Feeder
This Tablet Press Lubricant Feeder is an adaptation of Coperion K-Tron’s sanitary pharmaceutical design twin screw microfeeder line. External Spray Lubrication is an ideal approach to adding lubricant direct to the tool and die of the press, without risk of over-lubrication, which also minimizes the lubricant percentage in the formulation. The Coperion K-Tron tablet press feeder offers an automated, consistent, continuous feed rate, providing uniform coating of the tablet tools and avoiding sticking problems. This external lubrication provides many additional potential benefits to manufacturers of tablet solid dosage forms, including improved tablet hardness and dissolution properties. The Coperion K-Tron Smart Force Transducer (SFT) weighing technology, coupled with a venturi-type dispersion method, produce a consistent, measurable and validatable mass flow of lubricant powder.

The Coperion K-Tron microfeeder for low rate powder feeding includes design options for handling difficult flowing materials. Between them, the two microfeeder models can handle feed rates from 0.032 – 2 kg/h or higher of lubricant and are also available with interchangeable 12 mm and 16 mm twin screw feeding modules for maximum feed rate flexibility. Although the feeder is available in both volumetric and gravimetric designs, use of the gravimetric model enables validation of product mass flow and ensures higher accuracy.

Highly Accurate K3-PH line of Pharmaceutical Feeders
The Coperion K-Tron line of K3-PH feeders have been specifically designed to meet the growing demands of continuous processing in the pharmaceutical industry. Due to the use of a smaller D4 platform scale incorporating the highly accurate Smart Force Transducer (SFT) weighing technology, these feeders require significantly less floor space compared to previous models. The feeder’s modular quick change design allows the easy exchange of feeder types and sizes, using the same scale and drive for fast adaptation to new processes and formulations while also ensuring easy cleaning and maintenance. The quick change feeder bowl, agitator and screw combinations can be quickly decoupled from the feeder drive provide for easy and fast changeover and cleaning of the feeders. The updated modular concept features a newly developed drive using a servo motor which helps reduce the overall footprint and offers a much larger turndown range, including low feed rates. For an optimal Wash-in-Place (WIP) result, every unit has an integral 2 degree pitch facilitating maximum drainage during the cleaning processes. The modular K3-PH line is designed to provide for a cluster arrangement of 6 or more feeders, ideal for multi-component continuous processes, such as continuous extrusion, granulation, or direct compression.

Depending on the application, the pharmaceutical feeder line can be outfitted with a variety of ancillary options including the innovative ActiFlowTM bulk solids activator, a material flow aid for feeding difficult flowing materials as well as Electronic Pressure Compensation (EPC). EPC is a unique instrumentation package, which can optimize feeder performance in continuous operations such as blending, extrusion, and granulation.

Innovative Processing Solutions from a Single Source
Coperion continues to work closely with pharmaceutical and nutraceutical companies of all sizes, resulting in smart technical solutions that can be seen in their pharmaceutical feeder line and twin screw extruders for continuous mixing of pharmaceutical active ingredients. Coperion’s complete line of equipment is engineered to meet the rigid requirements of the industry, including strict adherence to cGMP guidelines and standards as well as the use of FDA approved materials of construction. Processing even the most difficult to handle excipients and active ingredients is paired with a particular strength in providing continuous processing solutions. Continuous and batch processes and their newest innovative solutions for optimal feeding and refill accuracy arepart of their stronghold as well as their single source solutions for extrusion, feeding and conveying applications.

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