Coperion K-Tron

Manual hand-wheel shut-off gate

The Aluminum Manual Slide Gate is a cost effective manual shut-off gate for pelletized plastic material.  It is commonly used at the base of a silo, tank, or hopper.  A manual hand-wheel is used to actuate the slide gate mechanism.  When open, it provides full unobstructed flow of material.  It can be closed, to shut off material flow, even if the vessel is full of material.  For example, it is often used when maintenance is required at the silo or hopper’s material take-away device.


  • Material contact area is of aluminum construction
  • 305 mm [12 in] square flanged inlet/outlet
  • Hand-wheel driven screw actuator
  • One white neoprene mounting gasket provided
  • Intended for use with pelletized plastic materials

Related Industries

  • Plastics


  • Simple device, normally requiring no maintenance
  • Actuated by turning the screw with its hand-wheel
  • Matches the most common 304.8 mm [12 in] square opening



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