Hot Melt Tank Loader

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Coperion K-Tron hot melt tank loader with no moving parts
Coperion K-Tron

Provides efficient loading of hot melt glue pastilles, pellets or slats

The Coperion K-Tron Hot Melt Tank Loader provides efficient loading of hot melt glue pastilles/pellets/slats at up to 300 kg/hr [660 lb/hr] with no moving parts. It is simple to install, operate and maintenance is easy.

A complete Hot Melt Tank Loader assembly consists of base unit, pick-up assembly, lid and optional glue bin. Base unit includes control panel, filter, pressure regulator and solenoid with all brackets and hardware for mounting. Pick-up assembly includes convey hose, pick-up wand with vibrator and bag guard.

Features and options

  • Automatic fill level control is carried out via a fill level sensor in the hot melt tank lid
  • Fail-safe 95 dB alarm sounds if no material enters the melt tank after 100 seconds
  • Unique venturi pick-up assembly design ensures efficient and economical use of compressed air and can be dismantled for cleaning
  • Material is blown into the melt tank through an easily removable, large surface area filter
  • Control panel features "power on" and "conveying" indication lights
  • Solenoid valve and quick release compressed air connection nozzle are fitted to the back of the base unit
  • Supplied complete with either 3, 6 or 9 m [10, 20 or 30 ft] pick-up tube assembly and power lead with fused plug

Related Industries

  • Plastics


  • Volume of air: 17m3 /hr [10 ft3]
  • Packed weight: approx. 10 kg [22 lb]
  • Max. loading height: 4 m [13 ft]
  • Control panel rating: IP55
  • Alarm noise level: 95dB
  • Operation noise level: TBC
  • Total height required to change filter: 280 mm [11 in]

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