Materials Handling Training Courses

Sessions and topics

  • Process / Basic Principles of Pneumatic Conveying

    Location: Weingarten, Germany

    • Advantages of pneumatic conveying systems
    • Different types of conveying and conveying processes for bulk materials
    • Suction and pressure conveying systems
    • Circuit systems
    • Pressure loss calculations
    • Troubleshooting

  • Service / Maintenance

    Location: Weingarten, Germany

    • Aim of the maintenance – economic and occupational safety related aspects
    • Repair and modification – maintenance of components
    • Troubleshooting

  • Control Technology and EMSR for Pneumatic Conveying Systems

    Location: Weingarten, Germany

    • Control upsets in the hardware/software
    • Intelligent air volume control
    • Weighing
    • Logistics
    • Troubleshooting

  • Seminars on Process Technology for Polyolefin Compounding

    Location: Weingarten, Germany

    • To get an insight into and understand the design of the installed system and installed machines, its technical specifications, equipment, mode of functioning and also the technological processes of the individual components
    • Introduce and understand the importance of all possible safety regulations
    • Learn how to operate the installation and range of components, how to use the various controls and setting devices for the purpose of product change-over and /or product optimization
    • Maintenance requirements and how to deal with them
    • Location of trouble sources and troubleshooting procedures

Your contact for materials handling training courses in Weingarten, Germany

  • Stefan Lachenmayer

    Head of Service Sales, Global Service Compounding & Extrusion

Your contact for materials handling training courses in Salina, KS, USA

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