Infographic: Dense Phase Conveying with Conti-Schub®

State-of-the-art Conveying Technologies for Sensitive and Fragile Plastic Pellets

When designing a plant, plastic manufacturers are confronted with several decisions that might have far-reaching consequences in terms of the product quality as well as plant efficiency and flexibility. One of those decisions usually applies to the conveying method.

While dilute phase conveying can be used for a wide variety of materials, its counterpart, the dense phase conveying method, is typically the preferred choice when handling sensitive bulk solids. Plastic pellets such as Polyolefine Elastomere, Polyethylen Resins or Polycarbonate require a gentle handling. Conti-Schub® is, along with the INTACON® control unit the optimal solution for those kinds of materials.

Material handling experts from Coperion recommend Conti-Schub® when fragile plastic pellets need to be conveyed. The solution was developed for conditions in dense phase conveying plants – hence it is suitable for low particle velocity under plug formation. Therefore, it is usually used for plastic pellets which are sensitive to the formation of fines (dust) and streamers. Conti-Schub® is especially gentle to the product and markedly reduces dust and angel hair in the process. In addition, no special pipe surface treatments such as shot peening are needed which helps to keep maintenance costs low. In this context, pipe wear can also be effectively avoided (even with abrasive products) which ensures a consistently high product quality over the entire plant lifetime. As the dense phase conveying method can have a damaging effect on the pipes, Coperion has developed an optimized pipe support design for our Conti-Schub® conveying technology. If desired, this may also include sensors giving intelligent feedback on the condition of the pipe support - the basis for predictive maintenance.

Control unit for optimal regulation

Exact regulation of air volume is the key in dense phase conveying lines. Only in this way safe, economical and truly gentle operations can be ensured. INTACON®, which stands for INTelligent Air CONtrol, is the optimal solution for Conti-Schub® installations. It replaces complex control requirements and ensures stable conveying under changing operating conditions. At the same time, it is simple to work with, without any risks. Depending on the product type, the technology automatically increases the overall performance by adapting and maximizing the conveying capacity and reducing the air volume flow as well. And the best part: It is even self-adapting to all future changes. How does the technology work? The objective of INTACON® is to always actively avoid unstable areas. This is achieved through air regulation. Since the control unit is developed for Conti-Schub®, it safeguards highest possible energy efficiency and reliability.

In a nutshell, the benefits of Conti-Schub® can be easily summarized: It ensures highest reliably, maximum flexibility and a long plant lifetime.  

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