Infographic: FLUIDLIFT ecoblue® minimizes the formation of dust in pneumatic conveying systems

FLUIDLIFT ecoblue® is an innovative pneumatic conveying technology for plastic pellets which enhances product quality as well as the overall efficiency of the conveying system.

In comparison to conventional designs, this solution generates notably less dust and streamers. As a result, the product quality can be improved which also helps to reduce waste. Lower power consumption also allows plastics manufacturers and compounders to cut their costs or increase their throughput correspondingly.

Learn more about the functionality and the benefits of FLUIDLIFT ecoblue® for the plastics industry in the following infographic:  

Coperion FLUIDLIFT ecoblue Infographic

Unlike conventional designs, FLUIDLIFT ecoblue® has proven to be an effective solution when it comes to avoiding dust as well as streamers in pneumatic conveying systems. The positive effect is achieved through an increase of the relative humidity of the conveying gas in a controlled environment. This additional moisture is then reliably removed and does not interfere with the end product. As a result, granules are smoothly conveyed at a much lower velocity causing less friction between grains or through the walls of the pipes.

Overall, FLUIDLIFT ecoblue® has shown a decrease in attrition of up to 90 percent and a reduction of the conveying pressure of about 30 percent on average. Thanks to circumventing the root cause of friction, manufacturers benefit from a reduction in production loss and hence produce less waste. At the same time, the conveying system requires less maintenance as the pipes remain in a better state. In parallel, the reduced conveying pressure contributes to substantial energy savings and helps to increase the potential of debottlenecking by up to 20 percent. 

Therefore, this flexible add-on technology is a game changer for all attrition-sensitive pellets. Especially polyolefin producers and compounders will see a major improvement in their daily operations. FLUIDLIFT ecoblue® is not only suitable for new installations, but is also a useful extension when retrofitting an existing plant. The solution can be used in all climate zones. 

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