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Infographic: The Original WZK Two-Way Diverter Valve from Coperion

A Success Story that Continues to this Day

In the 1960s, our experts made a promise to develop a sturdy yet light weight diverter valve which is applicable to many processes in various industries. The result was the WZK, which remains one of our best-selling components worldwide to this day!

As a dual channel diverter valve, it made a name for itself as a reliable component which is used for diverting powders and granular products within a pneumatic conveying system. Thanks to its versatile design and hygienic options, it can be applied in plastics, chemicals, minerals, as well as the food industry. What makes it so successful? Find out in the following infographic:

WZK Diverter Valve infographic

To begin with, the well-conceived design is not only optimized for easy access, but also for low maintenance costs and a long lifetime. Thanks to its small rotation angle, the inner parts are barely affected by wear. In addition, operators can turn the valve by 180° at the first sign of wear to even double the component’s operational life span. The aluminum cast with stainless steel pipe inserts make the valve as light weight as possible. Based on its pressure-assisted pipe seals and well-thought-out working principle, it is also easy to operate. At the same time, the WZK ensures highest safety levels: It is suitable for ATEX zone 1/21 and 2/22. Moreover, the compact design comes with no external parts contributing to a safe environment for operators and other production staff. All in all, the WZK has the reputation of being a cost-effective and reliable two-way diverter valve.  

Main features

Without doubt, the WZK is suitable for a lot of processes. It comes with the following key features:

  • Operating pressure up to +5 bar (g), 72.5 PSIG (System & differential pressure)
  • Operating temperature up to 100°C (-4°F up to 212°F)
  • Smooth surfaces, easy to clean
  • Sizes DN 50 to 250 (2" to 10")
  • Pressure assisted gaskets to seal each port (no auxiliary gas supply necessary)
  • Electrical parts integrated and protected in signal box
  • Options for use in ATEX Zones and NEC classified areas
  • Shallow divert angle reduces wear

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