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MyCoperion – the customer portal for service orders

Do you know the problem? You want to order a certain spare part but do not know its name let alone its order number. With MyCoperion, our customer portal for all service orders, you can identify the spare parts you need easily in technical drawings and request a quote directly with an inquiry function. Because the MyCoperion spare parts catalog always shows you the spare parts that are suitable for your machine and plant. The current state of progress of your spare part inquiry can be called at any time in the quote tracking. After you have ordered, we offer you the possibility to find out quickly and conveniently about the current progress of your spare part delivery with the order tracking. You are planning to repair a machine next week for example. The machine therefore has to be shut down - but not all the spare parts have arrived yet! With just two clicks, the MyCoperion order tracking tells you which spare parts have already been delivered or are on their way to you. If the missing spare parts are still on the way by parcel service, you can find out where they are at the moment by using the tracking number. Last but not least, MyCoperion also provides you with the information from the operating manuals at all times all over the world – on any computer. Because the aim of our MyCoperion online platform is to bring more transparency to the entire spare parts procurement process to make handling of your plant as easy as possible.

Please note: Currently MyCoperion is only available to European and South American customers. In the next expansion stage it will be made accessible also to customers from NAFTA. Information will follow soon.

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