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ZSK Extruder Modernization Upgrade

Does a twin screw extruder getting up in years still have potential? It sure does!

ZSK extruders from Coperion can be modernized in multiple ways that will move an older ZSK back into the big leagues of throughput, quality, efficiency, and production safety. There are several factors, such as the motor and coupling, as well as product feeding, torque, screw shafts and devolatilization, that can contribute a return to top form.

One of our customers has been producing compounds with hollow glass spheres on a ZSK 76 twin screw extruder since 2004. The necessary powders are added to the process downstream using a twin screw side feeder ZS-B 92. Precisely at this point, there was enormous potential for improvement, particularly by retrofitting the ZS-B with the Feed Enhancement Technology (FET), a technology developed by Coperion in which the ZS-B’s feeding zone is equipped with a porous, gas-permeable wall to which a vacuum is externally applied. The results of the FET equipment are considerably improved feed and throughput rates in the processing of feed limited products.

Such was the case with our customer: He decided to retrofit the ZS-B with FET technology. Not only is powder intake thus improved, but since modernization, the customer has achieved throughput increases of up to 40%. Additionally, the specific energy input (SEI) is reduced. The customer can thus produce more efficiently. Moreover, finer and lighter powders can be used with no problem or difficulty. Since modernization, the manufacturing process has been running with the very high reliability and stability that Coperion systems are known for.

In short: This less comprehensive modernization measure makes the ZSK 76 extruder a compounding champion once again for compounding hollow glass spheres.


  • Stefan Lachenmayer

    Head of Global Service Sales Compounding & Extrusion and Material Handling

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