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FLUIDLIFT ecoblue® conveying technology

Successful retrofitting secures lower waste and energy consumption in LDPE plant.

Coperion has successfully commissioned the retrofitting of a commercial LDPE plant with the innovative conveying technology FLUIDLIFT ecoblue®. Conventional pneumatic conveying methods in polyolefin production plants always generate a certain amount of attrition in the form of dust or streamers, which needs to be separated from the product and disposed. This causes a considerable amount of waste, added cost for disposal and loss of good product.

The retrofit of FLUIDLIFT ecoblue® in the LDPE plant took only a few days. Immediately after commissioning, the success could already be monitored at the elutriator unit of the conveying system. Waste material was reduced considerably, in turn, creating a higher amount of end product. Furthermore, the conveying pressure within the pneumatic conveying line has been reduced by almost 25 % which results in energy savings.

Coperion’s highly innovative FLUIDLIFT ecoblue® is a pneumatic conveying technology which enhances process quality and efficiency, especially for polyolefin pellets. Compared to conventional designs, this technology generates much less dust and streamers, which improves the quality of the product and exceptionally reduces waste, even up to up to 80% and more. At the same time, the conveying pressure goes down, offering the opportunity to either save energy or increase throughput compared to conventional pneumatic conveying solutions.

Existing production lines can easily be retrofitted with FLUIDLIFT ecoblue® – with much less effort and downtime compared to conventional system upgrades or even when building a new plant.

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