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CE Marking: Be Aware When Modifying Your Machinery

CE marking is mandatory for new machines in Europe. However, many manufacturers are not aware that even when changes are made to existing machines and systems, a conformity assessment may be required. We’re happy to help!

CE marking after Coperion Machine Modernizations
It’s important to remember that after a machine has been modified, a new conformity assessment may be required under EU law.

Let’s say you modify your extruder; you update the conveying line to bring the technology up to date, equip the system with more powerful drives, additional feeders, or new control software – things that are needed in a number of extrusion, compounding and recycling operations.  

It’s important to remember that after a machine has been modified, a new conformity assessment may be required under EU law. This concerns compliance with the EU directive that the CE designation represents, which may ultimately result in liability issues. In the worst case, non-compliance can lead to loss of your license to operate.

To avoid unnecessary risk, we can support you during modifications and upgrades to your production plant. Our service experts will relieve you of a great deal of worry. We will upgrade your machinery and systems in full accordance with the law – including all services related to CE marking and the necessary documentation. As an extruder, feeder, component and pneumatic conveying OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer), we first evaluate any planned modifications. We check whether a significant alteration of the system per EU Directive 2006/42/EU is involved and whether the required documentation is on hand.

If the modification will increase system productivity, then it typically respresents a significant alteration. In such cases, we verify whether the protective measures in place will also cover the machine following the modification. We adhere to locally applicable operational safety regulations.

“We realize that the topic of CE marking is highly relevant for companies in Europe,” said Stefan Lachenmayer, Head of Service Sales, Compounding & Extrusion. “Many machine operators in Europe have doubts that CE marking requirements are still fulfilled post upgrade. In this regard, as a machine manufacturer we stand by our customers — we support them, reveal potential for upgrading existing systems, execute it, and at the same time, we make sure that CE directives remain completely fulfilled.”

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  • Stefan Lachenmayer

    Head of Service Sales, Global Service Compounding & Extrusion

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