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New ServiceBox CSB 4.0 for Coperion Compounding Systems

The new ServiceBox CSB 4.0 greatly expands remote service support options for Coperion compounding systems.

Using remote service, Coperion can now support both an extruder’s seamless operation as well as material handling and any associated components as needed. The operator determines with pinpoint accuracy when Coperion should provide support for which machine and which unit.

Coperion ServiceBox 4.0


The new Coperion ServiceBox CSB 4.0 will replace the previous ServiceBox. The old Coperion ServiceBox CSB will only be supported until the end of 2025. After that, remote service via the old ServiceBox will no longer be possible.


ServiceBox Upgrade Options

We offer several options for replacing the old Coperion ServiceBox with the new CSB 4.0:

Option A

Exchange free of charge as part of any control system update, including OPC-UA or C-Beyond 4.0 upgrades.

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Option B

The CSB can be exchanged as part of a service agreement.

Service-Agreement Remote-Support:
750 € pro Jahr

Option C

1:1 replacement

800 €

Safety, Time Savings and Cost Savings in One Box

The objective of our remote services is to ensure your compounding process operates as smoothly as possible, maximizing profitability and stable high product quality.

With the new Coperion ServiceBox CSB 4.0, we are able to monitor both the extruder and associated material handling equipment online and to detect possible malfunctions during operation.

On request, we can actively support the start-up process of a system. We perform fast online remote diagnostics and help with expert know-how to increase the efficiency of your plant.

Error messages can automatically be forwarded to Coperion to ensure the fastest possible response to potential risks to the smooth operation of your system. Software updates are easy to run. Significantly fewer laborious, cost-intensive onsite service calls are needed.

A new addition to the Coperion ServiceBox CSB 4.0 is the operator's ability to separately activate each Coperion system independently for remote service.

Coperion Remote Service Structure
The new Coperion ServiceBox CSB 4.0 features a secure network structure and only requires an Internet connection to fully benefit from its capabilities.

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