Innovative technology for feeding and conveying at Pack Expo 2017

Sewell, NJ, USA (August 2017) – At this year’s Pack Expo 2017 (September 25-27, 2017), Las Vegas Convention Center, Las Vegas, NV, USA in Booth S-7844 Coperion and Coperion K-Tron will present a variety of advanced components and solutions for handling bulk solids materials in different process steps, as well as the latest innovative technology for optimizing feeder design and control.

Exhibits on display include a Quick Change Feeder, Smart Weigh Belt Feeder, ZRD Hygienic Rotary Valve, WZK Two-Way Diverter Valve, P30 Central Receiver, Modular Cartridge Bin Vent and Electronic Pressure Compensation (EPC) for feeders.

Fast Cleaning & Quick Material Changeover: T35/S60 Quick Change Feeders
The Coperion K-Tron T35/S60 Quick Change Feeder is specially designed for applications requiring fast cleaning and the maximum possible material handling and change-over flexibility. The unit is available in volumetric or loss-in-weight configurations, with the single screw feeding elements handling free flowing powders, granules, pellets and other non-flooding materials, while the twin screw elements control floodable powders and more difficult sticky or hard-to-flow materials.

Gentle High Rate Feeding, Batching and Metering
The Coperion K-Tron Smart Weigh Belt Feeder (SWB) is used for continuous controlled gravimetric feeding of free-flowing or friable bulk materials. The feeder can be used for gravimetric batch feeding or for continuous metering of bulk material flow. The SWB features a primary weigh bridge and offers an optional secondary weigh bridge that provides continuous online auto tare, reducing maintenance, frequency of calibration, and improving long term stability. Material weight on the primary weigh deck and belt tare weight on the secondary weigh deck are determined by Coperion K-Tron’s patented SFT III weighing technology with vibration and temperature immunity, zero deflection and resolution of 1:4,000,000 in 80ms. The SWB is available in 300mm, 600mm, 650mm, 800mm and 1000mm belt widths. The SWB-300 and SWB-600 are supplied as open or closed frame.

Easy Access ZRD Hygienic Rotary Valve - Discharging and metering valve for powders, USDA certified and EHEDG compliant
Coperion’s ZRD sanitary rotary valves have been approved by the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) following certification in compliance with the USDA Dairy Grading Branch. Already designed in accordance with the engineering and design guidelines of the EHEDG (European Hygienic Engineering & Design Group), these sanitary rotary valves also meet the current, strict requirements governing application in the USA. The valves can be used for applications demanding even the highest degree of hygiene and cleanliness. In addition, they are distinguished by their extreme reliability in operation. As these rotary valves can be readily inspected and also cleaned quickly and thoroughly, they are ideal for applications involving frequent changeovers from one product to another and/or for the processing of products with adhesive tendencies. Parameters such as particle size, cohesion and adhesion influence the flow properties of bulk materials and therefore the correct design and layout of bulk material handling components. The ZRD Hygienic Rotary Valve offers an extra-large inlet for high filling efficiency.

WZK Dual Channel Diverter Valve - for powders and granular products
The Coperion WZK dual channel diverter valve is specially designed for powders and granular products. The unit has an asymmetric design with approximately 35° angle suitable for distributing and collecting in pneumatic conveying lines and in gravity applications. The WZK is Coperion’s original world-wide top selling diverter valve.

P-Series Central Receivers for sanitary solutions
The Coperion K-Tron P-Series Central Receivers are ideal for applications with a higher degree of sanitary requirements. They are designed to provide solutions for difficult conveying applications for the food industry and meets 3A Dairy sanitary requirements. The Coperion K-Tron P-Series sanitary receivers can be used for gain-in-weight or loss-in-weight feeder refill applications, simple up and in systems or engineered for larger, central vacuum conveying systems.

Modular Cartridge Bin Vent Cleans Air in Pneumatic Systems
The Coperion K-Tron Modular Cartridge Bin Vent provides excellent air filtration of fine airborne particles from within a storage tank and releases clean air to the atmosphere. While material is pneumatically conveyed into a storage tank, fine particles and air are efficiently separated by the unit’s large cartridge filter. This enables clean air to pass from the tank out to the atmosphere. Reverse jet cleaning from a compressed air accumulator pulses the cartridge filter, dislodging any fines and returning them to the storage tank.

Electronic Pressure Compensation (EPC) designed for accurate and steady pressure compensation in feeder hoppers
The main advantages of the Coperion K-Tron electronic pressure compensation (EPC) system include improved accuracy and reliability as well as lower initial cost and easier installation compared to traditional mechanical pressure compensation systems. Retrofitting options for existing feeders are available. EPC can be installed on a majority of Coperion K-Tron gravimetric feeders in almost any application and all industries.



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