ZSK 58 Mc¹⁸ world proven for engineering plastics

ZSK 58 Mc¹⁸ world proven for engineering plastics

Best-practice ZSK extruder for quick ROI when compounding engineering plastics

Stuttgart, July 2018 – Coperion is now offering an extremely cost-efficient high-performance twin screw extruder in best-practice design that is optimized for compounding engineering plastics: the ZSK 58 Mc18 world proven. With a screw diameter of 58 mm and three possible screw configurations, its process section covers a wide range of applications. Its high torque also enables high throughput rates: for example, up to 1,500 kg/h when compounding Polyamide 6 with a 30% glass fiber composition (PA6-GF30) or up to 1,400 kg/h for polypropylene (PP) with 40% talcum or chalk. The ZSK 58 Mc18 world proven is based on the same reliable, high-quality technology that Coperion has developed in over 60 years of producing more than 15,000 twin screw extruders.

Proven ZSK quality at attractive conditions
Thanks to the pre-defined scope of supply – drive chain, process section and wear protection material – the delivery times of the ZSK 58 Mc¹ world proven are significantly shorter and the investment cost lower than for custom-configured designs. Plus, the high throughput rates that are possible enable customers to quickly attain their return on investment (ROI). Because it contains the high-quality, proven components common to all ZSK twin screw extruders from Coperion, it features a long service life and high process stability with consistently excellent product characteristics.

Peter von Hoffmann, General Manager Business Unit Compounding Machines Engineering Plastics and Special Applications at Coperion, says: “Today, manufacturers of engineering plastics work under high cost and time pressure. This applies even more to compounds that are ordered in constant, large quantities over long periods of time. This is exactly where it quickly pays to use our ZSK 58 Mc¹ world proven. But its high performance reserves also provide a range of options for quickly responding to customer requirements that change with short notice and are ideal for manufacturing special compounds with regard to the matrix, fillers and additives. Our ZSK 58 Mc¹ world proven is a cost-efficient universal talent that combines all our technological and process-related experience to the benefit of our customers.”



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