Coperion K-Tron

Positive displacement vacuum & pressure blower package

The vacuum & pressure blower package is part of Coperion K-Tron’s single blower railcar unloading system. One blower powers both the vacuum and the pressure components of the system, minimizing cost, and is ideal for applications where the vacuum component is a short distance. The blower conveys powder, pellet and granular material from railcars to storage tanks at rates up to 18,140 kg/hr (40,000 lbs/hr). Pre-designed packages range from a 76 mm (3 in) to a 127 mm (5 in) conveying line.

Standard Features

  • Positive displacement blower
  • IEC or NEMA motor mount frame
  • Heavy-duty blower base
  • Totally enclosed drive guard
  • Easy-to-read vacuum and pressure liquid filled gauges
  • Chamber-absorptive type discharge silencer
  • Vibration mounting pads
  • Adjustable differential pressure switch
  • Mechanical vacuum and pressure relief valve
  • Air-actuated vacuum breaker valves
  • Check valve
  • OSHA and CE compliant

Related Industries

  • Plastics
  • Chemicals
  • Food & Pet Food
  • Minerals
  • Nonwovens


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