STS Mc¹¹ twin screw extruder designed for masterbatch production

Stuttgart, September 2016 – To make handling even easier, Coperion GmbH, Stuttgart, is presenting an STS Mc¹¹ extruder especially designed for masterbatch production at K 2016.

The STS Mc11 twin screw extruder features a specific torque of 11.3 Nm/cm³ and features a series of improvements including a new manifold with coaxial solenoid valves, improved heat covers, quick-release clamps for the simple, quick replacement of the feed hopper as well as the CSpro basic control system. At its booth at K 2016 (booth B19 in hall 14), Coperion will be presenting the new STS Mc11 with a screw diameter of 35 mm. The STS 35 Mc11 on the booth features a die head specifically developed for masterbatch applications and is equipped a volumetric twin screw feeder from Coperion K-Tron.

New developments for safer working and improved cleaning
Coperion has equipped the STS Mc11 twin screw extruder with a new manifold with coaxial solenoid valves. The result is a highly reliable twin screw extruder. To make it even simpler to work at the machine, Coperion revised the heat covers in a way that enables easy access to the processing section and easy cleaning as well. In addition, quick-release clamps facilitate easy feed hopper replacement. To prevent vibrations during operation, the STS Mc11 series has been equipped with an innovative, torsion-resistant base frame like the one in the ZSK series. This base frame supports smooth operation and increased reliability, which ultimately increases the extrusion system's service life.

STS Mc11 ideal for color masterbatches
Color masterbatch processing makes great demands on the compounding process. The pigment and additive parts must be mixed into the base polymer 100% homogeneously to yield optimal product quality. Because of their excellent mixing properties, an operating mode that conserves the product and easy-clean properties, the co-rotating twin screw extruders from Coperion are particularly suitable for this compounding task.

The STS 35 Mc11 extruder that will be showcased at K 2016 is engineered for producing color masterbatches. Coperion is exhibiting the extruder with a new die head that was specially developed for compounding color masterbatches. It allows the strands to flow evenly, with virtually no dead zones.

The twin screw extruder is equipped with the user-friendly CSpro basic control system, which Coperion has used with its ZSK high performance extruders since 2010. Over the years, the CSpro basic has proven to be a reliable, user-friendly control system. In order to feed the pigments simply and precisely, the STS 35 Mc11 has been equipped with a T35 volumetric twin screw feeder from Coperion K-Tron. It yields feeding rates of 1.25 to 2,500 dm³/h, which are ideal for powder and materials that are difficult to feed or sticky. The feeder is mounted on a turntable above the gearbox for simple, flexible handling, easy accessibility and quick cleaning.



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