Eccentric Pelletizer EGR

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For the production of temperature and shear-sensitive plastics

The eccentric pelletizer EGR is the optimum pelletizer for the production of temperature and shear-sensitive plastics. It is designed especially for the pelletizing of soft PVC, hard PVC, HFFR recipes or compounds for low, medium and high voltage cables based on elastomers.

The EGR eccentric pelletizer is connected directly to the ES-A single shaft discharge screw of the Kombiplast plants from Coperion. The screw builds up product pressure gently to achieve an even material flow through the die plate of the ERG.

The die plate is fixed to the flange of the ES-A cylinder and can be removed quickly and easily for cleaning. It is heated by a die-cast ring heater. The distance between the ES-A shaft and the die plate can be changed to optimize the die flow.

The cylindrical product strands emerging from the die plate are cut into pellets by the rotating pelletizer knives. The pelletizer knives are mounted on a ergonomically designed knife rotor arranged eccentrically to the die plate which has a continuously adjustable speed. The design of the die plate, i.e. number, diameter and geometry of the die holes is adapted individually to the material properties and customer requirements. The pellet length can be influenced by variation of the knife blade speed. In some product applications a water mist is formed by spraying water into the pelletizer hood. This prevents the pellets from sticking after cutting.

Special features and advantages of the Eccentric Pelletizer EGR

  • Gentle material handling, especially in the pressure build-up zone before the die plate
  • Even die plate flow
  • Fast, convenient cleaning
  • Low-cost maintenance
  • Can be used for all temperature and shear-sensitive plastics, from standard recipes to totally new process tasks

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Technical data of the EGR Eccentric Pelletizer

  Motor power [kW]
EGR 60 1.5
EGR 100 1.5
EGR 150 2.2
EGR 200 3
EGR 250 7.5
EGR 300 7.5
EGR 350 7.5



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