For the production of almost all thermoplastics up to throughput rates of approx. 15 t/h

The water ring pelletizers from Coperion have been in successful operation for many years. They are the result of long years of development work and are suitable for the pelletizing of most thermoplastics, including filled and reinforced products.

In water ring pelletizers, the cooling and transport medium, water, does not come into contact with the die plate. The circulating knives cut the melt strands and fling the hot molten pellets into the circulating water ring. The water flow conveys the pellets out of the pelletizer hood.

Water ring pelletizers have a very compact design and feature low investment and operating costs as well as a simple start-up process.

Special features and advantages of the Water Ring Pelletizer WRG

  • Simple start-up process
  • Even die plate temperature
  • No freezing of bores at low hole throughput
  • Uniform pellets with simple die plate design
  • Low pressure build-up of the die plate
  • Nozzle geometry is widely variable
  • No cavitation on the die plate
  • Compact design
  • Low investment costs
  • Low operating costs, among other things due to low energy requirements for heating and drive, low wear, low-cost spare parts and simple operation
  • All parts are salt bath-resistant

Related Industries

  • Plastics
  • Chemicals

Technical data of the WRG water ring pelletizer

WRG water ring pelletizer WRG 280 WRG 300 WRG 320 WRG 400
Max. permissible pressure of the heating medium* [bar] 32 32 32 40
Drive power / min. installed motor power [kW] 7.5 9.2 17 30
Water circulation rate [m³/h] 90 90 120 200
Max. throughput rate ** [t/h] 3 4.5 7 12

 * heating medium oil or steam
** throughput rates related to pelletizable plastics, e.g. polyethylene, styrene polymers and very hard TPUs


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