Regular inspections by our service technicians increase the availability of your extruders, compounders, bulk materials systems and components. Possible breakdown risks are detected early and can be avoided in this way.

Our service technicians examine your spare parts stores and give recommendations to ensure an optimal spare parts supply.

We record all detected defects and deviations as well as giving expert recommendations in a detailed inspection report. The machine and plant history is documented in detail over a period of many years in addition to the current machine and plant condition.

Services Advantages
Regular inspection of your machines and systems  
Regular inspection of the general condition of the machines and systems as well as the electrical, pneumatic and hydraulic functions Higher availability and low failure risk, therefore lower downtime and costs
  Long-term scheduling of the service assignments
Functional testing of the emergency shutdown Increased safety for personnel as well as machines and plants
Visual inspection of your spare parts on stock Certainty with regard to the completeness and functionality of the spare parts as well as the compliance with storage requirements
Assessment and documentation of the detected defects and deviations Individual report on machine/
system condition as well as documentation of the machine/system history
Recommendation for storage of spare parts Certainty regarding spare parts stocking on a consumption basis, notes on delivery delays or discontinued parts
Recommendation for corrective measures Guideline for the elimination of detected defects and deviations


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