ZSK 43 Mv PLUS world proven – powder coating

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For virtually all powder coating formulas

The ZSK 43 Mv PLUS world proven for powder coating production – our twin screw extruder in best practice design.

The extruder features a machine design that is optimally harmonized to the common powder coating formulas, in addition to reliable, high-quality Coperion technology. It was developed for a broad range of applications in collaboration with our process engineers. The ZSK Mv PLUS world proven is the result of over 40 years of experience and more than 800 twin screw extruders we have installed for powder coating applications.

We exclusively use top quality components to safeguard the well-known high process stability of our systems at consistently good product properties. Quick delivery and significantly lower investment costs are additional key benefits.

Advantages of the ZSK 43 MV PLUS world proven

  • Well-known, reliable, high-quality Coperion powder coating technology
  • Faster return on investment with significantly lower investment costs for top throughput rates
  • Quick delivery: 4 months from receipt of order
  • Three different screw configurations provide a broad range of applications
  • Exclusive use of high-quality, proven components
  • Long system lifetime
  • Highest product quality
  • Fast installation and commissioning
  • Engineered and manufactured by Coperion, Stuttgart/Germany

Related Industries

  • Chemicals
Product category Throughput
Epoxy (transparent/pipe coat) 250-600 kg/h
White Epoxy/Polyester 300-750 kg/h
High gloss products 300-750 kg/h
Matt, higher filled products 300-600 kg/h
CAB structure 200-500 kg/h

Typical ZSK Mv PLUS world proven set-up for the production of powder coatings

Technical data of the ZSK 43 Mv PLUS world proven for powder coatings

Torque per shaft 325 Nm
Specific torque Md/a³ 8.7 Nm/cm³
Diameter ratio Do/Di 1.8
Flight depth 9.4 mm
Maximum screw speed 1,200 min-1


Technical details

Scope of supply

  • Volumetric feeder
  • Main drive unit (A.C. motor, water cooled | FC cabinet, air cooled)
  • Mechanical safety clutch
  • Reducing and distributing gearbox
  • Process section (world proven powder coating specification)
  • Manifold / water
  • Machine base frame
  • Water cooling unit
  • Siemens based control unit
  • Start-up by Coperion personnel
  • As an option: Additional screw-pairs
  • As an option: Project & process support

Power data

  • Low voltage (DIN/IEC 38): 380-440 V -5%/+10% I 3/N/PE, 50/60 Hz -/+1%
  • TN-S-system, N with full load capacity


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