Extended Service Contract

Together with you we develop a tailor-made solution for every special task.

We add individual services, tailor-made for your needs, to the “Service Contract” in the scope of an “Extended Service Contract”.

These include warranty extensions, troubleshooting packages or regular training in the latest Coperion technologies for example. We provide you with lease equipment, install gearbox monitoring systems or ensure your spare parts supply with customized spare parts packages.


Services Advantages
Process and warranty extension for new machines  
Warranty extension Cost control and planning predictability
Special assignment of Coperion experts in an emergency Short down times through prompt service visits
  Agreed upon terms and travel costs
Training and workshops on topics such as mechanics, process technology, electrical systems, applications Individual training of your personnel in operating with machines and systems
  Extension of the process know-how and thus optimization of product throughput rates
  Increased safety due to minimization of operating errors
Response times  
Guaranteed response time to solve problems Shorter downtimes and lower breakdown costs
  Higher machine availability
Service Hotline  
Guaranteed access to Coperion experts around the clock and troubleshooting via phone / Internet Fast, competent support from our experts
Spare parts packages  
Preparation of individual spare parts packages Guaranteed, individual spare parts supply and defined inventory costs
Monitoring of inventory Minimized downtimes and plannable maintenance costs
Emergency parts  
Supply of up-to-date and standardized components by Coperion those at risk Fast availability to avoid long delivery times and downtimes
Service during scheduled downtime  
Checking of plant in preparation for scheduled shut-down Coperion takes complete responsibility for the entire shut-down
Preparation and execution of the work defined in the maintenance schedule Transfer of the administrative costs from the customer to Coperion
Management and supervision of all deliveries during the scheduled downtimes Coordination of the necessary suppliers through Coperion
Support with start-up (commissioning, function test etc.), plant supervision until archiving the product quality Plannable shutdown times and therefore shorter downtimes and lower costs
Preparation and support of necessary acceptance tests and documentation of the work carried out  
Monitoring of gearbox condition by vibration analysis  
Assessment and evaluation of the test results Early detection of possible breakdown risks
Formulating suggested solutions in case of deviations Less risk of breakdown leads to shorter breakdown times and lower breakdown costs
Regular plant evaluation by remote enquiry (error memory, alarm messages, execution of maintenance etc.) Reduced downtimes due to plannable service assignments
Other customized service packages such as plant audit, modernization and special tools  


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